Vincent Scheers (b.1990) is a belgian artist living and working in Munich, whose mediums span painting, printmaking and sculpture. Scheers studied printmaking and fine Art at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. In 2023 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
He participated in international group exhibitions and has had solo exhibitions at Gallery Jos Joos (Brussels), Forbidden City (Antwerp), Kunstverein St. Georgen (DE), Sharp Projects (Copenhagen) and Paulina Caspari (DE).
In line with the philosophers’ Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s idea that “art begins with the animal,”the point of departure of Scheers’s artistic practice begins with human-animal relations. At times, his art even sets animals, plants and microorganisms in opposition to the human world by subjecting them to the logic of manmade systems. Philosophic paradigms on power and discipline inform Scheers’s research. A key thesis of his artistic practice thus posits that refracting institutionalized power through interspecies relations, exposes society’s prioritization of control over care.
Vincent Scheers – Self-fulfilling prophet, 2023
Bronze Silenus ornament (1-2AD), glass container, custom hardware
41 x 28 x 10 cm
Vincent Scheers – The center of the universe, 2023
Taxidermy warthog, butterflies
60 x 30 x 30 cm
Vincent Scheers – Threshold, 2023
Natural pigments, synthetic dyes, photo-sensitve chemicals, bleach
220 x 155 cm
Vincent Scheers – Wild, 2023
Pine tar lure on canvas
160 x 120 cm
Vincent Scheers – Landscaping 2023
Discarded modeltraintrack, steel
140 x 102 x 50 cm

Vincent Scheers – Incubator study II, 2023
Steel, glass, hacked egg incubator, watercolour on nettle cloth, agar-agar, various fungi and bacteria
160 x 122 x 20 cm

Vincent Scheers – Appearance, 2022
natural pigment, dye and bleach on nettle cloth
70 x 50 cm
Vincent Scheers – The history of the criminal, 2021
mountainbike, duck, steel
180 x 40 x 120 cm
Vincent Scheers – Self defence, 2019
axe, thorns, wood, woodglue
120 x 100 x 40 cm